Chrome Extension for
Virtual Backgrounds

Replace the background by switching to a solid color, personalized image, or dynamic video background in real-time.

Chrome Extension for
Layouts and Presentations

Optimize your video layout for enhanced viewer experience. Stream relevant content and strategically position your face for maximum engagement.

Chrome Extension for
Background Blur

Automatically blur your webcam's background using advanced AI technology, directly within your browser for enhanced video clarity.

Chrome Plugin for
Smart Zoom

Enhance your video calls with real-time auto-framing. Ensure you're always in focus and deliver a professional virtual presence.

Chrome Plugin for
Emoji and Giphy

Boost engagement in your video calls by integrating real-time Emoji and Giphy features. Elevate communication with fun and expressive visuals.

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Supported by all Chromium-based browsers
Microsoft Teams
Google Meet


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How it works

Experience top-tier online video conversations for optimal engagement and clarity.

  • Unlock the potential of AI directly within your browser.
  • Quick and easy installation and configuration, completed in seconds.
  • Seamlessly operate within your Chrome browser for optimal convenience.
  • Universal platform support: Windows, Mac, and Linux for unparalleled accessibility.
  • Get essential features without the hassle of intricate configurations and settings.


Deliver superior online video conversation experiences.

Custom Layout

Optimize your video frame layout for presentations, ensuring effective content streaming. Strategically position your face and highlight key information for an engaging viewer experience.

Background Blur

Automatically achieve a blurred background in your webcam stream. Adjust blur intensity for optimal video clarity during your broadcast.

Virtual Backgrounds

Replace your video call background in real-time with custom images or dynamic videos. Elevate your communication with a touch of creativity and enjoyment.

Smoothness and Beautification

Instantly enhance your on-screen appearance with swift and precise face beautification. Diminish imperfections like acne and eye bags, smooth out skin, and introduce gentle lighting for a flawless video call experience.

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What benefits from this plugin you will get


Filters out anything like a messy room, inappropriate elements or secret information from the background.


Work from home, cafes and public places and maintain a professional look during video calls.


Add the effect of skin smoothness, enable bright colors with perfect white balance and great lightning.


Add some fun in your video conversation with friends or colleges.

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Excellence & Innovation

Innovation in place, Chrome Browser is all your need to work with favorite platform.

Eric Sheldon


Blur background works!

It's quite easy and does exactly I need - it blurs my background and nothing else.

Alisa Trouve


Excellence & Innovation

Innovation in place, Chrome Browser is all your need to work with favorite platform.

Katrine Wood

Software Developer